Public Health Like Never Before

We believe in tackling diseases before they happen. We build predictive & analytics platforms for decision makter in cities, countries and the world.


Who Are We? 

AIME is the vision of three passionate young professionals looking at solving big global development challenges by leveraging on data science and Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2016, AIME provides public health decision-makers around the world with insights and intelligence, through state-of-the-art innovations such as Big Data Analytics and AI technology.


After years of intensive research in epidemiology and data science, our flagship platform – AIrbo (AI for Arboviral Diseases) is capable to predict disease outbreaks 30 days in advance, at the accuracy of 80% and above, making it the first breakthrough technology in epidemiology and data science. 

In early 2019, we finalized our product conception that utilize AI to tackle even more important public health issues – Antibiotic Resistance and Health System Surveillance. 

Moving forward, our mission is to become the global reference centre for diseases & epidemic predictions.


AIME developed the EoHealth – a National Health Performance Dashboard for the Malaysian Ministry of Health to highlight the patterns, trends and correlations from national health data in a visual context.

The burden of disease, length of in-patient stay, mortality rates, etc. can be accessed and categorized just a click away in a visually-appealing and insightful manner.

As a part of the emerging area of Insurtech – similar platform is currently under development to be utilized by SOCSO – the National Social Security Organization, and similarly by many of our partners in insurance industry.

Gender-based violence is a public health issue.

In the Caribbean and Latin America, AI4Good deploy its expertise to create an AI-backed predictive algorithm to determine where & when the next incidence of domestic abuse will likely to take place.

With an accuracy rate of up to 90%, Feminicido is our second venture into South America, where social protection service is commonly overstretched.

In Ai4Good, we are committed towards social justice, and a more gender-equal world.


Our flagship product – AiRBO- is an AI-capable, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) equipped not only for ongoing dengue outbreak surveillance, and enhanced analytics and insights, but also with a predictive capability of informing users where and when the next dengue outbreak will take place, as early as 30 days in advance. We’ve also expanded its predictive algorithm to encompass other arboviral diseases like Zika & Chikungunya.

Our backbone algotithm is scientific ; to-date we have published in multiple scientific journals – including a tier-one journal.

For user experience, this means:

  • No sophisticated hardware & IT infrastructure is needed on the client’s side
  • No redundant data entry! – .
  • Web-based dashboard : Access the software from anywhere, one central place everyone can log into
  • No worrying about backups.
  • One solution across all devices
  • Shared group licenses – an unlimited number of users (within an agreed group of users)
  • Data-driven informed-decision making for vector control personnel.
  • Cost reduction and focused interventions 

Up until date of publication, the solutions have been deployed as pilot or through grants and/or commercial arrangements in: Brazil, Manila, Malaysia, and making inroads in Laos & Bangladesh.

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